Ibanez K5 Korn Fieldy - 5 Strings Bass

The Ibanez K5 signature K5 Korn Fieldy features active Dynamix pickups, specially tuned for their respective positions, for a low noise, dynamic and punchy sound. the original Vari-Mid EQ sweepable midrange allow you to dial in or dial out any kind of bass sound, making this instrument truly versatile, allowing you to completely modify and colour your sound. The mahogany body of the Ibanez K5 is fitted with lightweight hardware allows for more active performance.but it still pumps out the tremendous low-end and sustain needed for Korn's brand of heavy rock with no tonal compromise.

Estimated Price : $ 879.99

Specification :

Body : Mahogany, Neck : 5 piece Maple/Bubinga, Frets : Medium,Pick up : Powerful ADX active pickups,Original Vari-Mid 3-band eq, sweepable midrange allows you to dial inor dial out any kind of bass sound, EB-7 alminum bass plate (16.5mm string spacing), Neck pu : ADX5N neck pu, Bridge pu : ADX5B bridge pu

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